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Adventure Elopement?

Are you ready to throw  tradition to the wind and have the most epic, fun-filled day of your life?

When you choose. The Wild Bunch, we work with you to turn your wildest dreams into unforgettable experiences that will fill you with awe and excitement for the rest of your lives. We believe elopements should be a stress-free day that’s all about you and your love and we focus on each and every one of our couples, curating the perfect day(s) for them. We’ll be there to celebrate with you and document every second of your adventure & when it’s all said and done, you’ll have irreplaceable memories and images to cherish forever.

I can't say enough how happy we were with The Wild Bunch!! We had never done a shoot before but they helped us feel so at ease, they made the whole experience relaxed and fun AND the pictures are STUNNING! It truly did just feel like hanging out with friends while also getting some genuinely beautiful moments together photographed. Take a hike with these two and have photos to cherish forever!

Austin and Tiffany were nothing short of a joy to work with!! We had so much fun at our engagement shoot with them in the mountains of New Hampshire, and even more fun on our wedding day. I truly cant say enough about them! They had great energy, made us feel comfortable in front of the camera, and you can see it in the photos just how much fun we had being with them the whole day. They work so well together and they’re the perfect mix of professional and personable. Our wedding wouldn’t have been the same without them and we’re so glad we get to look at our gorgeous photos forever.

Tiffany and Austin are amazing! We did an adventure engagement shoot with them on top of Mount Jackson. The whole experience was so fun. I was worried about being awkward behind the camera, and they made us feel so comfortable. My fiancé even said to me how much fun he was having while we were shooting. They are great coaches! Even before seeing the photos, I would give them five stars, but after seeing them, I wish I could give 10 stars! We used their photos for our Save-the-date, and everyone keeps telling us how much they love them. Thank you Tiffany and Austin for such a memorable experience!!

The Process

Our style is fun and natural, with an empahis on capturing real moments of real love. We focus less on those “stand here, look at the camera, tilt your head to the left” photos and more on documenting the moments in between. We want the real moments, the authentic moments, the moments that make your face hurt from smiling & your heart beat faster. The stolen glances & soft forehead kisses. These are the magical moments, the pure moments, the moments we live for. We're here to photograph the things that make you who you are and that make your love unique. Our jobs are more than producing beautiful images but documenting real moments that will last a

🏔️ Focus on fun over formal

🏔️ the "in-between" moments

🏔️ Authentic & genuine vs. staged and forced

🏔️ Prompts vs. poses

🏔️ Be yourself. Be wild & free

We're Tiffany and Austin, an adventurous couple based in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. We can most often be found chasing sunrises and powder days in the mountains, just follow the smell of coffee and you’ll find our tent! 

We met via Instagram (#millenials) and formed an inseparable bond through our love for the mountains, tacos and sunrise (OK maybe Tiffany had to help Austin with that last one). We currently live in New Hampshire but travel any chance we get (even if it is just “up North” to our secret ski spots). We have a 8 year old dog named Skyler who is part cow, part piglet, part seal and filled to the brim with snuggles.

We have been shooting together for 6 years and absolutely love meeting new people, exploring new spaces and capturing genuine moments that will last for a lifetime. 

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