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Remember when Sliding into the dms was a thing?!

Well Austin does! After stumbling upon the infamous @tiffnault profile (RIP to her OG account, if we know anyone at Instagram who can help get Tiff her old account back, we'll pay you in coffee and donuts), Austin liked what he saw and took a shot. That shot landed him a mid-day burrito date with Tiffany who had some time to kill during her Nannying job and the rest, as they say, would have been history but then we didn't talk for a few months. Once Tiffany moved into her car (kinda) and up to the mountains, we reconnected and have been inseperable ever since! 

Prior to committing full time to capturing couples in love, we lived very different lives.
Austin spent 12 years climbing the retail ladder at a New England grocery chain and Tiffany split her time between coaching gymnastics (a skill she spent 12 years perfecting) and serving the best breakfast in North Conway. 

We took our first trip West together in 2017 and then spent the next 4 years trying to figure out how to combine our love for adventure with our love of capturing people. 

After spending 5 years balancing full-time jobs with full-time wedding photography (Thank you caffeine), we took the leap of faith into our career full time and haven't looked back since. We love what we do, the people we get to meet and we are so thankful to have a career that brings us as much  happiness as photography does.




miles hiked

~1,000,000 cups of coffee

perfect dog



Raised on the seacoast of New Hampshire but meant for the mountains, I have always been drawn to capturing people and nature. I fell in love with photography during high school and reconnected with it after college while I was simeltaneously discovering the beauty of the White Mountains and living out of my car to avoid driving back and forth up i-93 every day to hike! After Austin asked me to shoot a wedding with him (I had never even been to a wedding before) I was quickly hooked and absolutely love that I am able to help document the most special day of our couples lives. In my free time, nothing makes me happier being in the alpine zone at sunrise or  pointing my car down an unmarked dirt road and just seeing where it goes ! 

Fun Facts:
-12 years as a competitive gymnast 
-degree in Biology
-needs either 2 hours or 10 hours of sleep, there is no in-between

Fortunate enough to have been born in and still call the White Mountains home, I have always had a passion for capturing the world around me. I spent my youth making ski magazines and adventure films with friends. and  even pursued a career in film through college but ultimately my love for photography outweighed even my college debt and upon graduation, I began shooting weddings in between shifts at my local grocery store. Once I met Tiffany, her love for adventure and the outdoors helped open my eyes to the beauty of the place I have always called home. Nowadays, you can find us chasing down type-2 fun at all hours of the day, living our best #vanlife and most importantly, helping our couples tell their love stories in the most fun and adventurous ways. 

Fun Facts:
-Scared of heights (fell out of a second story window at age 2)
-Star Wars Nerd 
-Prefers sunsets to sunrises

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